Kelenföld Housing Estate, Budapest, 2015

Photo: Hanga Tóth

Parallel Shifts. Theory of geo-architectural-climatic SK cloud

Scientific Study

The title of the study – Parallel shifts: theory of geo-architectural-climatic SK cloud is a mixture of seemingly disparate categories such as scientific profoundness, seriousness, professionalism, amalgamated with genres of journalism and poetry and transformed into a level of pop-culture, imagination and graphic illustration. Especially the connection of specific concepts of “theory” and “cloud” is to be understood as an attempt to bridge the fields of architecture, science and the arts, while combining the “cloud” with “SK” implies the advent of yet still remote worlds of avant-garde in Slovakia. The study builds on twenty years of research by the Architectural Laboratory: experimenting not only within the field of architecture itself, but also with text, hypertext, and other elements in order to provoke parallels. Composite diagram of the contents, the cloud map, the written text read aloud along with parallel quotations is intended to offer diverse angles on the given theory. Structure of the thesis consists of a tapestry of semantic islands, gradually interpreting each theme, aided by other written and graphical information which as a whole helps to outline a clearer picture of the theory. Redrawing the geo-architectural vectors generated new forms which are scrutinized and delineated in the light of generation clouds in order to find new interpretations. Approximately 200 architectural personalities of the last hundred years in the Central European history were scrutinized, all of them geographically connected with Slovakia either by a birthplace, work or studies. A careful analysis of the cloud geometry initiated differentiating of the creative personalities as the 1st generation – DAWN OF CONSTELLATIONS (until 1918), the 2nd generation – DIAGONAL AXIS (1918 – 1948), the 3rd generation – OSCILLATING TRIANGLE (1948 – 1968), the 4th generation – GLITTERING COMET (1968 – 1989) and the 5th generation – BIG BANG (1989 – 2010). The research continues on, aiming to create a comprehensive Central European map capable of identifying various layers of the complex history of the region.

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