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Author Spolka, 2019, Source © EUROSENSE s. r. o., 2013

Mapping with care as an outline for post neoliberal architecture methodologies – tools of the Never-never school

Modernist planning brought us a tradition of producing top-down utopian blueprints of the ideal habitat for the modern man. Decades later, we still heavily practice this tabula rasa planning: importing ready-made images and concepts to fill in seemingly empty places; while the ambition (or necessity) to vision other radical worlds has been significantly weakened by the neoliberal TINA logic. This produces the current condition in which planners are paralysed to imagine alternatives that would allow cities to deal with the complex challenges they face. Interdisciplinary Never-never School experimented with methods to move beyond this state and explored planning as care in the ruins of modernism, while building on its traditions. Our contribution outlines the developed praxis, while speculating about its scaling up and potential translations into different contexts beyond the comfort of the summer scho


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