Author: Jiří Vítek, 2017

The Smooth Striped City

The main aim of urban design should be to provide as elastic a plan as possible. This plan should define private and public space and allow its users the maximum possibilities and freedom to build. We seek such tools and methods that would be elementary but also sophisticated, which using only a few rules could define coherent and rich environment situations. The smooth and striped methodology could be understood as a bottom-up system which uses the idea of smooth regulations lines (the wooly path) as a rhizomatic street system which generates differentiated urban cells. In these cells, we evolve the solar envelope based on genetic algorithm and solar exposition calculation. Public space is translated as the urban field (S. Allen) to provide better navigation and orientation of users. Hence, the digital possibility of working with an entire part of a city down to the smallest part of the street is the greatest benefit of computer-aided design. Thanks to the generative design, we can share the qualities of the whole with their parts.

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