General View of the Proposal of the Revitalization of the Roof Terraces of the Slovak Radio Building

Author: Štefan Bekeš

Revitalisation of the Roof Terraces of the Slovak Radio Building: A Contribution to the Improvement of its Image

  • Since its completion, the Slovak Radio Building has been struggling with notable unpopularity; however, the situation is now changing. Responsibility for this shift has been due to the actions of Slovak Radio and Television (RTVS). In cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture of the Slovak Technical University (STU) and the Department of Architecture at ÚSTARCH SAS, RTVS has established in the premises of the Slovak Radio building an educational path “preco pyramída” [Why a Pyramid], presenting the greatest attractions and uniqueness of the Slovak Radio Building. Since its opening, the Radio Building’s educational path has been visited by a large number of visitors. This circumstance has significantly improved the image of the building. Until the end of 2015, the activities of the civil association “Jedlé mesto” [Edible City] also contributed to improving the image of the building through the creation of a community garden on the building’s open terraces that had not been in use for 30 years. Although this project did not fully succeed, it focused attention on the potential of these spaces (the terrace). This has stimulated RTVS to the decision to reconstruct and continue to use the roof terrace space for public activities.The basic idea of the proposal of the reconstruction of the roof terrace was the aim to preserve their social life by integrating functions and services otherwise absent in this part of the city. In this way, the original concept of the terrace, only as a space to be passed through, would be changed and the terrace would itself become a destination point. All suggested interventions adhere to the original proposal, and also respect the principle of reversibility while not damaging or in any way interfering with the existing elements of the Slovak Radio Building.

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