Development of the Nmber of Contributions in the Main Thematic Areas (over five-year periods)

Author: Matúš Dulla

Theory and Science in Architectural and Urban Design: Fifty Years of the Journal A&U

What were the subjects of the contributions published by the journal Architektúra & urbanizmus during its half-century of existence? The present study discusses the importance of the founding personalities (Emanuel Hruška, Tibor Zalčík and Richard Kittler), notes the conception of its program, and specifically treats the most striking shift in the journal’s history, in the early 1990s after the fall of Communism. The subject of statistical analysis is the frequency of occurrence of main thematic areas, clusters of specific themes (e.g. themes of the creation of the living environment or architects’ biographies), proportional shares of domestic and international authors, growth in women’s authorial contributions, or the representation of leading international authorities among the contributors. Also considered is the share of additional scholarly disciplines on shaping the profile of the journal. In conclusion, the author addresses the current direction of the journal, its focus on recent architectural history, and its impact on the broader Central European architectural space.