Moi et LeC: Breathing Walls in the Architectural Performance of a City’s Metabolism

The article presents a discussion on cities’ metabolisms and bioregions, specifically their habitable and edible landscapes for cross-species co-living. Paper poses the question with respect to the relatively simple and small-scale architectural elements of breathing walls, envelopes, and screens. Nonetheless, it appears that such elements as breathing walls, envelopes and screens are hyperobjective and multiscalar, […]

Environmental Ideas Coopted: ARARAT Exhibition, Stockholm, 1976

On 2 April 1976, the ARARAT exhibition opened at the main museum of contemporary art in Stockholm, the Moderna Museet. Its ambiguous biblical name was taken from the acronym for Alternative Research in Architecture, Resources, Art and Technology, an interdisciplinary research group formed by architects, planners, engineers, biologists and artists. Four years previously, the celebration […]