Schubart Park: A South African Experiment in State-Sponsored Social Housing Concepts and the Urban Renewal of Pretoria

Schubart Park (1965 – 1976) was a South African state-sponsored mass housing project, initiated by the Nationalist government (1948 – 1994) and the city council of Pretoria, in the zeitgeist of post-war housing solutions. This scheme was partly influenced by British legislative practices and inspired by various international examples of welfare-state responses to urban housing […]

Three Tenses: Mass-Housing in Contemporary Art

Art Looks at Mass-housing Mass-housing has become an oft-employed motif in the art of the last decades: photographs, videos, installations, movies, and literature have all made a significant place for the urbanity represented by large prefabricated housing blocks. Revealed or transfigured through the artistic gaze, mass-housing conveys a series of questions about politics, society and, […]

Amateur Interpretations of Architecture, Individual Structures and Housing Estates in the Czech Daily Press, 1868 – 1989

In the present article, the author presents a summarisation of the results of his study of the Czech daily press across a time period of 120 years. The scope of the reading is not limited to the papers issued in important metropolises, such as Prague or Brno, but also to newspapers from rural areas. The […]