The Interior of Ještěd Mountain Hotel and Television Tower

This year will mark forty years since Ještěd Mountain Hotel and Television Tower first opened to great fanfare. A national cultural monument, built on the site of an old historical building that had burned down, the tower is a reflection of several currents in society at the time of its construction: the political thaw in […]

Vibrations in the Iinterlude

A few Notes on the Current Situation of Post-War Industrial Aarchitecture in the Czech Republi The increasingly frequent attempts to point out the importance of industrial buildings and the possibility of their use in a new perspective have, through expert discussions, publications, exhibitions and through various initiatives of a number of groups and associations as […]

Invisible Architects: The First Generation of Women in Slovak Architecture

The present study devotes attention to the activities of the women architects who were the first graduates of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and started their careers in design work in the midpoint of the 20th century. Through several personalities selected on the basis of their authorial […]