Source: Photographed by Brad Child, U. S. Peace Corps Afghanistan Group XIV ReunionAfghanistan Group XIV Reunion

Afghanistan – No Place for Independent (Urban) Plans?

In the period of the 1970s and 1980s, many international experts worked in Algeria and other African states. Among them were urbanists and architects from Slovakia, who mostly worked for the institution CNERU (Centre National d´Études et de Réalisations en Urbanisme), involving work in several cities such as Bedjaia, Blida, Colea, Sétife etc. These experts addressed the preparation of new residential districts, urban studies and land-use plans, drawing on the UPN working method in standard use in Slovakia. During the early 1980s, one of these teams also worked on the directive plan of Greater Algiers, forming one of the greatest achievements of the professional activities of Slovak urban planners in Algeria.

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