Locations of the three case study houses, marked on a map of the Sc otti sh Gove rnment Urban/Rural classificati on 2013 – 2014, with light grey indic ati ng ve ry remote rural and dark grey remote rural

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Conservation Challenges for mid-20th Century Houses in Peripheral Scotland

Whilst Scotland’s postwar urban planning and mass housing are well documented, the historiography of mid-20th century architecture consists otherwise of relatively few monographs on renowned architects. The history of architect-designed houses is insufficiently researched, despite the existence several outstanding buildings scattered across the country. This paper discusses three such Modernist houses, erected between 1959 – 1963 at seaside locations in remote Scotland, and reflects on how their remoteness influences their upkeep and use. All designed by well-known architects, the houses are Port Murray by Peter Womersley (recently demolished), Tigh an Uisge by Morris & Steedman and Tiagh Biorach by John Hardie Glover.

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