Photo: Jovana Bugarski

The Role of Open Spaces in Restructuring the Cerak Vinogradi Housing Estate in Belgrade

The paper’s subject examines the role of open spaces in restructuring the Cerak Vinogradi housing estate, planned and built in Belgrade in period 1977-1985. The paper provides a historical comparative analysis with an overview of spatial processes on the one hand and social processes on the other through identification of the role of open spaces in the structure of the Cerak Vinogradi housing estate from its construction to the present day. Spatial processes are shown through a mapping of the urbomorphological processes of open-space transformations, while social processes include a review of the regulatory framework: the laws, regulations, and plans that led to visible changes in space. The work aims to establish the stages of morphogenesis in which there occurred a paradigm shift in the management and use of open spaces of the housing estate.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31577/archandurb.2023.57.3-4.6

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