Source: Archiv Pamiatkoveho uradu SR, f.: Zbierka negativov, inv. č. 19733

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Anna in Oravská Lesná

The study deals with the architecture of the Church of St. Anna in Oravská Lesná. After a description of the troubles connected with the planning and building of the new church, a short biography is provided of the architect, Oszkár Láczay-Fritz. Information on the construction of the church is then followed by a description of the church, analysis of the patterns as well the possible sources of inspiration and their origin. The architecture of the church is thus contextualised within the late Art Nouveau version of Hungarian National Romanticism, represented by the body of work of Károly Kós and his Young Ones circle. The study further addresses the architecture and visual aspects of the church, as well as their ideological background.

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