Architectural and Town Planning Competitions in the Sixties. Their Specific Contribution to the History of Czechoslovak Modern Architecture

Czechoslovak architecture during the “Golden Sixties” of the 20th century is interpreted by contemporary historians as a very important phase in the history of our modern architecture. In the postwar development of Czechoslovak modern architecture, this decade can even be seen as a time of very radical change – from the political isolation of the […]

The Influence of Architectural Competitions of the Late Fifties and Sixties on the Development of Architectural Form

The article “Czech and Moravian Architectural Competitions in the Sixties – Their Specific Contribution to the History of Czechoslovak Modern Architecture” was published in the 47th volume of the Journal of Architectural and Town-Planning Theory. It summarized the results of the research which dealt with 152 selected competitions from this decade, which were held in […]

Small Histories, Available Theories and Unsystematic Critique Contemporary Architecture in the Journal Architektúra & Urbanizmus

The study outlines the form, contents and course of discussions on contemporary architecture in the journal throughout its half-century of publication. Using a basic art-historical categorisation of texts as historiographic, theoretical and critical, the study situates the main themes of each period’s architectonic discussion. It shows that an interest in summary historical texts, which were […]