Progressive, Forward-Looking and Advanced. Hungarian Architecture and Modernity 1956 – 1962

In the immediate post-war years, modern architecture characterized the Hungarian scene: key positions of architectural practice and state construction administration were occupied by advocates of modern architecture of whom several were also active participants of the Modern movement. This trend was soon interrupted with a short but highly forceful period (ca 1950 – 1955) of […]

The Conference ‘On the Scientific Problems of Architecture’ in 1958 and Its Possible Recapitulating, Generating and Modelling Lines

The study addresses the importance of the third scholarly conference organised in the 1950s by ÚSTARCH SAV under the title On the Scientific Problems of Architecture. The initiator of the conference was academician Emil Belluš, who invited important Czech and Slovak architects as well as art historians. The conference was divided into two thematic blocks […]

The Beauty of the New Modern Life and Technology The Survival of Socialist Architecture in the Budapest City Centre

Based on the narrowing lists of three Budapest architectural guides (1980, 1997, 2014) of buildings completed 1945-1990, the paper intends to discover the reasons for their survival, changes or demolishing. It concentrates on the story of three office buildings built after 1960. The analysis proves that the two demolished buildings not only lost their tangible […]