Creative Transformations: the Campus Paradigm

Large swaths of land on the fringe of metropolis are now undergoing transformation into a landscape of big boxes devoted to storage, logistics, or manufacture. On the other hand, close to specific cities, such as Paris or Moscow, strengthening support of the innovation economy has fueled the rise of research and development sites. Often simply […]

The Parliament for Prague – Proposals, Competitions and Debates on its Location and Architecture

Prague. The metropolis of the Czech lands and since 1918 also the capital of independent Czechoslovakia. As such, it has often become a place for ambitious architectural and urban visions, which did not always materialize. Since the end of the 19th century, one of the most discussed locations in Prague has been the Letná Plain, […]

The Komensky Street in Kosice –The Story of an Avenue of the 20th Century

Regulatory plans of the city of Kosice as we know them today were first being created at the end of World War I. The plans are bound to important political events such as changes in state formations, post war reconstruction, transition from capitalism to socialism, forced socialist industrialization and various forms of socialist establishment until […]